Gift Company Japan

Gift Music Company is a group of young classical musicians, created in 2004. 

The aim of the group is to bring the joy of classical music to all people of all ages. We have created concerts with collaborations and different music styles, such as opera and youth choirs, which was a new and very entertaining experience for our viewers. The goal is to inspire people to create a better world and to work for a better world through our music. 


We created the logo of the Gift Music Company in gray and pink. The sign in the center symbolizes holiness, gentleness and kindness. The heart and the flower around these signs stand for the hope of future activities and the coexistence with our fans. 

We will continue to present concerts of new style with this logo. 

This video shows the versatility of the GIFT MUSIC COMPANY.

 "Thanks for four days!

It's a really good experience.

Thank you, Mr. Kimura! "