Bass Barriton Recital 2017 | Japan

This summer I have a concert in my hometown. My home town is TAMASHIMA. There I was born and grew up to 18 years of age. I have a special connection to my home town. My father worked there as a banker for 33 years. Unfortunately, he died in 2007. This year is his 10 year anniversary. On this occasion, his company sponsors my concert on 28.07.2017. In my mind, I am still very grateful to my father.


Yoshiaki Kimura



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The guest is Yoshiaki Kimura, an opera singer who lives and works in Germany-Life and career. He was born in 1980 in Tamashima, Kurashiki City. He is currently active as a soloist at Bielefelder Stadttheater. You can experience a very funny story with Kimura"


Statement Director Theater Bielefeld


Yoshiaki Kimura is a very special person. I am very happy to be able to work with him. When I first saw him performing at the Theater Bielefeld, I was immediately convinced by his positive nature, his liveliness, his great love for music, and his ability, already remarkable in his early years, and encouraged to offer him a commitment. 


In the first season 2014-2015, Mr. Kimura has been cast in each of the new productions, which were very divergent in style and roles, and has, despite the abundance of work, fulfilled all the tasks immediately to the great satisfaction of the operatic direction, conductors and stage direction as well as his colleagues and the audience. He soon became admired by the ensemble and the public. His sunny, open style alsofills the house with pleasure. 


In the second season he was entrusted with further and in part larger roles of the classical repertoire (including Banco in MACBETH and Blansac in LA SCALA DI SETA) as well as particularly responsible roles such as Howard in the European premiere of DOG DAYS. One could always experience a changeable, committed, touching and highly professional artist with a warm, high-pitched, deep and powerful voice. He was positively reviewed by the audience and critics alike and  deservedly earned great applause. 


Feeling at home in the French and the Italian subject alike, (e.g. 2016-2017 in the German premiere of DER KAUFMANN VON VENEDIG (Reynaldo Hahn) transformable as Tubal and Prince de Maroc and as a very lively Dulcamara in L'ELISIR D'AMORE) once again Yoshiaki Kimura especially inspires me in roles of the German bass baritone / high bass compartment. His Kaspar in FREISCHÜTZ was an experience - not only in the vocal but also in the dramatic expression that he managed to fuseto  successful unity - and has deeply touched everyone. 

For the season 2017-2018, we chose a work which, in our opinion, includes a perfect role for Yoshiaki Kimura: DAS RHEINGOLD; with the Alberich, we see a part that will further advance Yoshiaki Kimura in the German subject, which  and will surely bring us a wonderful theater experience. 


Mr. Kimura has become a supporting pillar of the ensemble, and his steady development is raising hopes for a strong career. I am honored to be able to continue working with him, and I wish the visitors of the concert a lot of fun! 


Sabine Schweitzer | Director Theater Bielefeld