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"Alberich, the power-hungry putschist, who fails his craving for recognition, finds his master in Yoshiaki Kimura."

(Neue Westfälische / March 2018)


"As a dedicated Lakai Plumcake, Yoshiaki Kimura shines."

(Westfalen Blatt - "Benzin" / January 2018)


"... and Yoshiaki Kimura, who already shone in the rehearsal with word acrobatic caprices."

(Thüringer Allgemeine - Grand Opera Gala / October 2017) 


Season 2016/17


"Yoshiaki Kimura, who, as Kasper with his magnificent voice, drew the listeners' fear, gave us oppressive sound." 

(Westfalen-Blatt/ March 2017)


"Yoshiaki Kimura as Kasper was the player of the day, blackest bass, aptivating sound, terrific performance."

(Neues Westfälisches Blatt / March 2017)


"Kimura (Dulcamara), who, as a reluctant manipulator,  really takes to his role, using his voluminous, smooth bass." 

(Westfalen-Blatt / December 2016)


"Yoshiaki Kimura as Dulcamara celebrates his success."

(Westfalen-Blatt / Dezember 2016)


Season 2015/16


"Yoshiaki Kimura gives the father Howard (Dog Days) brutal authority through his game."

(Online Music Magazine / 2016)


"Yoshiaki Kimura sings the authoritarian, violent and pitiless macho with eruptive force, but also makes the despair of this figure visible and audible."

(Neues Westfälisches Blatt / 2016)


"Yoshiaki Kimura has the perfect bass for the Banquo, but slightly lacks the gloominess of the intriguing person in this staging."

(Opernnetz / 2016)


" With a lot of verve in his voice and acting, Yoshiaki Kimura plays the sleazy womanizer Blansac."

(Neues Westfälisches Blatt /2015)


"Yoshiaki Kimura sings the cocky Blansac as a powerful macho."

(Der Operfreund / 2015)



"The King's servant Elviro –  Yoshiaki Kimura dominates his bass, as well as the art of slapstick – makes him welcome services and wrongly delivers a letter."

(Westfalen-Blatt / May 2015)



"From the ensemble, performers worth mentioning areYoshiaki Kimura as a committed speaker, as well as Katja Strength as the third lady." 

(Opernnetz / 2015)

Interview "Neue Westfälische"


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