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"Powerful and space-filling Yoshiaki Kimura!"

30.09.2019 Kulturführer Ostwestfalen-Lippe 


"Yoshiaki Kimura, too, with his stylish bass-baritone,

is considered to be the ideal cast for Figaro,

who does not just have to embody the smart thing here."

28.10.2019 Rebecca Hoffmann,


"Yoshiaki Kimura in the title role does not rise in the evening alone into the punchy vocal large format,

he also moves on progressively and

stylistically drawn vocal line."

 30.09.2019 Theater Pur    


"His versatile voice portrays the hero between clumsiness and joke. "

5.10.2019 Neue Westfälische 

"The king is silenced by a performer, while three apparent courtiers ensnare him and one of them takes on the vocals,

and this, Yoshiaki Kimura, is otherwise excellent!

... Yoshiaki Kimura as a (singing) king strong in his role . "

02.12.2019 - AIDA


"... including Yoshiaki Kimura, who completes the vocal part in full depth."

02.12.2019 Westfalenblatt OWL - AIDA


"Alberich, the power-hungry putschist, who fails his craving for recognition, finds his master in Yoshiaki Kimura."

Neue Westfälische / March 2018


"As a dedicated Lakai Plumcake, Yoshiaki Kimura shines."

Westfalen Blatt - "Benzin" / January 2018


"... and Yoshiaki Kimura, who already shone in the rehearsal with word acrobatic caprices."

Thüringer Allgemeine - Grand Opera Gala / October 2017


"Yoshiaki Kimura, who, as Kasper with his magnificent voice, drew the listeners' fear, gave us oppressive sound." 

Westfalen-Blatt/ March 2017


"Yoshiaki Kimura as Kasper was the player of the day, blackest bass, aptivating sound, terrific performance."

Neues Westfälisches Blatt / March 2017


"Kimura (Dulcamara), who, as a reluctant manipulator, 

really takes to his role, using his voluminous, smooth bass." 

Westfalen-Blatt / December 2016


"Yoshiaki Kimura as Dulcamara celebrates his success."

Westfalen-Blatt / Dezember 2016


"Yoshiaki Kimura gives the father Howard (Dog Days) brutal authority through his game."

Online Music Magazine / 2016


"Yoshiaki Kimura sings the authoritarian, violent and pitiless macho

with eruptive force, but also makes the despair of this figure visible

and audible."

Neues Westfälisches Blatt / 2016


"Yoshiaki Kimura has the perfect bass for the Banquo, but slightly lacks the gloominess of the intriguing person in this staging."

Opernnetz / 2016


" With a lot of verve in his voice and acting,

Yoshiaki Kimura plays the sleazy womanizer Blansac."

Neues Westfälisches Blatt /2015


"Yoshiaki Kimura sings the cocky Blansac as a powerful macho."

Der Operfreund / 2015


"The King's servant Elviro –  Yoshiaki Kimura dominates his bass,

as well as the art of slapstick – makes him welcome services

and wrongly delivers a letter."

Westfalen-Blatt / May 2015



"From the ensemble, performers worth mentioning areYoshiaki Kimura as a committed speaker, as well as Katja Strength as the third lady." 

Opernnetz / 2015

Interview "Neue Westfälische"


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