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FAUST | Méphistophélès
2020年2月29日初演 ビーレフェルト歌劇場

"Yoshiaki Kimura is the absolute ruler of this opera, omnipresent ... ... With his physical presence and vocal power, he dominates the stage from the beginning to the bitter end." 

02.03.2020 Westfahlen-Blatt

"The role of Méphistophèlés was made for Yoshiaki Kimura. Comedian talent, singing sovereignty, mimic virtuosity, gestural persuasiveness, all that made him the showmaster of a world on an inclined plane."

02.03.2020 Neue Westfälische


"The top-performing bass whirls unrestrained across the stage, might not even be so strikingly superficial without the directing instructions. In his agile voice, Kimura shows that he can gain more than just speed by underpinning nihilism, a figure like the Joker needs right now."

 02.03.2020 O-TON Kulturmagazin

"Especially Yoshiaki Kimura masters very special challenges. As a horror Méphistofélès, he is always present, constantly in action, directs the action, whirls through all five acts - a straight athletic physical achievement, not to mention the artistic and acting. Kimura does it in a breathtakingly great way and also sings very fantastic."

 04.03.2020 nmz online


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